Thursday, 17 August 2017

Baby Crib Safety

If there’s come a time when the child needs to be put in the crib. The proper time frame to do it is different among the parents. Some of them are around three months old, but the other may do it earlier. No matter the choice of time you decide on, please make sure that you have a crib that meets all safety requirements and up to date.

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Baby crib safety is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to purchase them. Nowadays, there are a number of baby cribs to choose from is endless in cost ranges and styles. Another thought about baby crib safety is the placement of it because there should be no clutter around the bed. It must be easy to get to when in use.

As we knew, all new cribs in the U.S. have to meet specific guidelines for safety. Remember, safety checks for new or used cribs are so important before its use. Always check all posts to be sure they are gone missing and secure. Make sure that head and foot boards shouldn’t have any type of cutouts which could make the baby hurt or get caught in. Some models of baby cribs usually come with one or both sides that can be adjusted for ease when caring for the baby or in cleaning.

Lowering the best travel crib for toddler usually using latches. Whatever type of latch is used, be sure it raising and locking in place it works properly for lowering the baby crib. The slats or posts on around the cribs should be less than 2-1/8″ to prevent the baby from getting stuck between them. If the crib used for older baby also check for loose paint and that the paint material was not lead based. The other parts of the baby crib that should follow the standard is the top post at each corner of the foot and the head board should less high than 1/16″.

The next baby crib safety issue is the mattress that will be used. When you choose for those cribs that come with a mattress make sure that it fits snuggly into the crib on every side. As you know, it is no surprise that babies are movers, even newborns. Surely, you don’t want a baby to get caught between the mattress and the sides. Mattresses should always be placed at the lowest position or closest to the floor.

Baby crib safety also could be check by it area possible to sleep even though there are different styles and sizes. Because the babies couldn’t do the baby crib safety check procedure by themselves, then make sure you’ve done these thoroughly.


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